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QuickFinder Safety Nail Clipper

When it comes to grooming, nail clipping is the worst nightmare for Alaska. Ever since she was a puppy, she despised getting her nails clipped. She would hide, run away, cry, squirm and jerk and even try to bite. When I came across the QuickFinder Deluxe Safety Nail Clipper from 1800-Pet-Meds, I had to test it… Continue reading QuickFinder Safety Nail Clipper

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“Pet Fooled” Documentary: The Great Debate on Pet Food

Alaska’s journey to raw feeding was not an overnight process. As she was my first dog, I like any other uneducated pet parent nourished her with the typical dog food: dry bits from a large bag and wet, mushy globs from a can. What I initially thought was the best thing I could do for… Continue reading “Pet Fooled” Documentary: The Great Debate on Pet Food

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#SundayFunday: Memorial Day Weekend

This Memorial Day weekend was a tremendously fun time for Alaska, especially yesterday where we took her to a family BBQ event in New Jersey. We were always hesitant about bringing her along to family events and gatherings because she has many triggers, such as other dogs, kids, unfamiliar people, cats, squirrels, birds, loud vehicles,… Continue reading #SundayFunday: Memorial Day Weekend

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#SundayFunday: Harriman State Park

This past Sunday, we enjoyed our first offline Instagram meetup with some local friends and pups at Harriman State Park in upstate New York. This park is home to the famous Appalachian Trail and our group planned to hike the Lemon Squeezer, a moderate 8.2 mile loop along the trail.  Luckily, the brisk Fall weather… Continue reading #SundayFunday: Harriman State Park

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#TreatThursday: Beef Tartar for Dogs

Kicking off the arrival of October with a #TreatThursday featuring a dog-friendly version of beef tartar! This recipe is more of a meal than a treat, although you can choose to feed as a supplement to your dog’s meals. I got creative and made this for Alaska last night for dinner, and she argued with… Continue reading #TreatThursday: Beef Tartar for Dogs

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#SundayFunday: City Shenanigans

While Hurricane Hermine is currently headed our way on the East Coast, we’re taking it easy relaxing at home. So this week’s Sunday Funday actually took place this past Friday. When the humans are out of the house for work during the weekdays, Alaska and Oreo stay home. We usually reserve outdoor adventures for after work… Continue reading #SundayFunday: City Shenanigans