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LaiFug Double-sided Memory Foam Pet Bed

We recently had the pleasure of testing out a double-sided memory foam pet bed by the company LaiFug. Alaska was in need of a new dog bed; one is too small and the other has been destroyed from Oreo’s scratching habits. So we were excited to try out this new pet bed between Alaska and… Continue reading LaiFug Double-sided Memory Foam Pet Bed

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#SundayFunday: Memorial Day Weekend

This Memorial Day weekend was a tremendously fun time for Alaska, especially yesterday where we took her to a family BBQ event in New Jersey. We were always hesitant about bringing her along to family events and gatherings because she has many triggers, such as other dogs, kids, unfamiliar people, cats, squirrels, birds, loud vehicles,… Continue reading #SundayFunday: Memorial Day Weekend

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Vital Essentials Cat Treats

Vital Essentials is one of my favorite brands of pre-made raw food and treats for dogs and cats. From frozen raw and freeze-dried patties and niblets to single-ingredient treats, VE is my go-to company for the best species-appropriate nutrition. So when they reached out to me if I was interested in having my boy Oreo taste… Continue reading Vital Essentials Cat Treats

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Barkworthies Salmon Skin and Cod Skin treats

March was National Nutrition month for us humans, but it is just as important to maintain your pets’ nutrition as well. Alaska (and Oreo) had the chance to test out Barkworthies’ two new all-natural, single ingredient treats that are perfect in supporting optimal nutrition: Cod Skin Fillets – single-ingredient (cod skin), over 50% pure protein.  Salmon Skin Roll-Ups –… Continue reading Barkworthies Salmon Skin and Cod Skin treats

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Small Business Spotlight: Paracord Made Simple

I’ve had a love for paracord gear as soon as I saw how sturdy and versatile the material is. There are many people who make paracord gear as a hobby, and not all successfully turn it into a business. Luckily, a new emerging company is making waves in stepping ahead of the game. Read on… Continue reading Small Business Spotlight: Paracord Made Simple

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Raw Pet Food Project: Reel Raw

For our Raw Food Pet Project, the first company we had the pleasure of testing and writing about is Reel Raw – a raw pet food supplier based in Maine that offers a diverse variety of do-it-yourself raw pet food (muscle meats, organs, raw meaty bones, recreational bones, and freshly made treats) as well as… Continue reading Raw Pet Food Project: Reel Raw