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Small Business Spotlight: Barks a lot Bowtique

This week’s Small Business Spotlight features Barks a Lot Bowtique, my favorite small shop for everything accessory-related for Alaska. From cute flowers, classy bow ties to fancy collars, Barks a Lot Bowtique has them all to your taste, style and gender preference. Read on to learn just why I adore this small business!


Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 9.50.03 PM

“We are two creative friends with fun-loving high energetic pups! They love to play together just as much as we love to craft together! We wanted to share their dapper attire and sassy style with all their furry friends! Due to a new job opportunity across the globe, we parted ways. However, instead of ending our new found passion, we expanded! Thanks to technology, we remain virtual partners and best friends operating two shops in two countries. One based in Las Vegas, NV and the other based in Macau, China. Look at us, taking on the world one bow tie at a time!

All of our items are uniquely created, designed and handmade. We take great pride in our quality, durability and creativity. Spread the joy and SPICE up your style with a fun new accessory!” 
- Noelle & Chris

Product Offerings

Barks a lot Bowtique offers a large variety of accessories: bandanas, collars, flowers and bowties. They also happily take custom orders and large bulk orders. The owners Noelle and Chris are always a pleasure to work with; they are extremely responsive and open to your ideas in helping them create your dream accessory.

Our Review

Flowers: Barks A Lot Bowtique makes two different types of flower attachments; one is round and the other is pointed.

Flower attachment with rounded, curved edges and plain fabric centerpiece
Flower attachment with sharp, pointy edges and jewel centerpiece

Honestly, they both are so lovely for any pet, it is your personal preference which style to choose. There can also be a few variations to these two styles. Noelle and Chris can make them with a jewel centerpiece or a basic fabric centerpiece.

Independence Day photoshoot with our July 4th themed flower

Each flower is constructed so precisely that you wouldn’t believe it was handmade. I love that they are strong and sturdy while looking so delicate, and they attach to any width collar through a Velcro elastic that fastens so easily and securely.

Pink hearts fabric flower attachment

You will not have to worry about the flower coming off the collar or the flower getting caught in your dog’s fur. I also love that the flowers, and bow ties, stay in place on the collar and do not twist or bend around on Alaska’s neck.

Bow ties: Barks A Lot Bowtique makes two different types of bow ties. One is the traditional fabric bow tie, and the other is a more feminine fluffier bow tie made with lace.

Traditional fabric bowtie
Unique, stylish and girly bow with jewel centerpiece

I have tested both of these styles and I only have good things to say about them. The fabric bow ties are very sturdy and durable, able to withstand a lot of wear and tear (think rough-play, water, dirt, scratches, etc). The fluffy bow ties are much more delicate and will not be able to withstand as much wear and tear (think indoor photoshoots, short walks, etc).

I would definitely go for the fabric bow ties for daily wear, but I gravitate towards the fluffy bow ties for the extra touch of femininity for Alaska and the fact that they are bigger in size to better stand out through Alaska’s thick double coat.

Collars: Barks A Lot Bowtique is surely out to impress because they also make handmade pet collars! Every pet needs a sturdy, well-made collar for the entirety of its life so it is important to invest in one (or many) that not only is long-lasting, but also matches your pet’s personality, style, and character. I was absolutely impressed with the collars that Barks A Lot Bowtique makes; there is so much variety that I could not settle on just a single one.

Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 9.51.35 PM

Noelle and Chris make collars using fabric or ribbon, nylon webbing and a plastic buckle. You can further customize it to the width that you’d like for your pet. With that said, I find the collars to be just a bit too flimsy for my liking. I prefer a thicker nylon webbing to which the fabric or ribbon is sewed on for a more durable and sturdy collar. Other than that Barks A Lot Bowtique’s collars are very well-made and fashionable for any pet.

Further Thoughts

I love that everything that Barks A Lot Bowtique has to offer is handmade, quality, and super affordable. One of the best things is that they offer a HUGE variety of fabrics, prints and styles that you are sure to find your perfect accessory – whether it’s for a birthday party, wedding, photoshoot, holiday, or everyday wear. I am never uninspired by what Barks A Lot Bowtique has to offer because Noelle and Chris are constantly coming out with new fabrics, prints and upgrades to improve and strengthen her products.

Also, Noelle and Chris love to take in custom orders from customers who need something extra unique for their pets. If you see a fabric that you like they’ll make almost anything out of it for you that you want! If you want a certain design or style or a fancy centerpiece, they will make it happen!

Pink plaid flower with jewel centerpiece

I highly recommend Barks A Lot Bowtique for your pet accessory wants and needs. Noelle and Chris are highly attentive to detail and their production time is very reasonable. Shipping has always been reliable and the accessories come individually wrapped in plastic bags and are kept in place during shipment with paper tissue.

Where to Buy

Online Store:

Sniff ‘em Out on Social Media

Facebook and Instagram: @barksalotbowtique #barksalotbowtique
@bab_international #barksalotbowtiqueinternational


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