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LaiFug Double-sided Memory Foam Pet Bed

We recently had the pleasure of testing out a double-sided memory foam pet bed by the company LaiFug. Alaska was in need of a new dog bed; one is too small and the other has been destroyed from Oreo’s scratching habits. So we were excited to try out this new pet bed between Alaska and Oreo.



LaiFug Premium Memory Foam: Breathable premium shredded memory foam, which can actually ease achy joints, muscle stiffness, arthritis and hip dysplasia. The orthopedic memory foam design will provide your dog with comfortable, healthy sleep. Features: (i) 5 inch thick premium memory foam. (ii) Waterproof lining. (iii) fashion and function. (iv) Multiple Colors. HIGH QUALITY WASHABLE COVER: The cover is easy to clean and machine washable.

Our Review

We purchased the bed in size Medium (36″ x 25″ x 5″) in the style “Multicolors Triangles.” It shipped from Amazon and we received it pretty fast with Prime 2-day shipping.Β Our dog bed arrived vacuum sealed and rolled up tightly in a rectangular cardboard box. Once opened and unfolded, the bed was pretty flat and hard. It also had 2 obvious ridges/creases on it from how it was rolled, which I did not like.

2 deep ridges once unfolded

The directions say to let the bed sit out for 6 hours before use to allow it to inflate to its full size. Right out of the box, it is unusable but after having sat out overnight, the bed eventually expanded to a cushion-type bed.

aerial view of bed

Although it was not as soft and bouncy as I had anticipated, Alaska and Oreo seem to like it. I think it is great for the summer as the removable, washable cover is made of durable fabric, making it a cool surface to lie on.

size comparison – pretty roomy

Once it has had time to expand to its full size, the bed is soft but still firm enough to support both their weights. The size medium is perfect for both Alaska and Oreo. They can sit, stand and lie down comfortably without sliding off the bed.

finally relaxing..

I see this as more of a lounging bed for the furry kids. They will take turns taking naps on it. At first, Oreo had mistaken the bed for a scratch pad. But luckily, the bed was strong enough to withstand his sharp claws.

Inside of the removable cover contains shredded memory foam that is very thick and high quality. Unlike other dog bed materials that are softer, this material is easy to clean and does not stain easily. Because Alaska sheds a lot, her hair always piles up on her bed. But this cover does not attract as much fur as do other materials.

firm, comfy and supportive!

Further Thoughts

Overall, I am satisfied with the purchase. Size medium is perfect for the furry kids, I like that it provides support and comfort, and the best part is that the cover is removable and washable. I’ve had countless pillow-type beds that had to be discarded because they got dirty very fast and couldn’t be washed because of the sensitive material.

If you would like to check out this pet bed yourself, you can find it on


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