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#SundayFunday: Memorial Day Weekend

This Memorial Day weekend was a tremendously fun time for Alaska, especially yesterday where we took her to a family BBQ event in New Jersey.

This smile sums up the weekend! πŸ™‚

We were always hesitant about bringing her along to family events and gatherings because she has many triggers, such as other dogs, kids, unfamiliar people, cats, squirrels, birds, loud vehicles, motorcycles, buses, bicycles, and the list goes on.

Now that she is 4 years old, there is no doubt that Alaska has matured a lot and we notice changes in her behavior from when she was 1-2 years old. While she still harbors the same energy and excitement for the things she love, she is overall much more tolerant, patient and kind to others.

My furry neighbor furriend Nugget

So on Saturday, we made the decision to include her in our fun family party to give her the opportunity to socialize with others in a new environment. There were children, adults, teenagers AND another dog!

Posing with my cousin, CJ

From the 1.5 hours car ride to the BBQ, Alaska was super well-behaved that she amazed all of us. She allowed petting and playing from everyone, played nicely with CJ and did not show any signs of irritability, aggression or stress.

Comfy car ride in the back!

She simply enjoyed meeting everyone, the delightful scents of food, and just being a part of the big family.

“Can’t exclude me in family time even though I’m riding in the back!”

I am super proud of Alaska for making big improvements with her behavior on her own. She is slowly letting her guard down and learning to just let loose and enjoy the moment, rather than approach new things and situations with a tense and aggressive attitude.

“Mckayla and I have our eyes on the nom noms!”

I am positive that with more socialization like this, Alaska can overcome her insecurities and come out of her shell even more. She had a blast this weekend, and is now relaxing at home!

CJ and I doing tricks for treats

Thanks for reading, and please share what you did this weekend in the comments!

Happy Memorial Day!! πŸ™‚

One thought on “#SundayFunday: Memorial Day Weekend

  1. way to go Alaska! This gives me hope that someday , my 2 yr old, very reactive McNab will settle down enough to participate in more “group” activites! Looks like a fun time~


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