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Vital Essentials Cat Treats

Vital Essentials is one of my favorite brands of pre-made raw food and treats for dogs and cats. From frozen raw and freeze-dried patties and niblets to single-ingredient treats, VE is my go-to company for the best species-appropriate nutrition. So when they reached out to me if I was interested in having my boy Oreo taste test their entire line of cat treats, I jumped on the opportunity!

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Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 4.31.47 PM.png


All 8 treats (chicken breast, chicken giblets, duck liver, rabbit bites, wild Alaskan salmon, minnows, ahi tuna, and chicken hearts) are single-ingredient, all-natural, 100% meat, minimally-processed, and freeze-dried. These shelf-stable nom noms are actually raw, since freeze drying retains the ingredients’ essential proteins, fatty acids and enzymes.


Texture, Size & Consistency


The textures, sizes and consistencies vary depending on the type of treat. For example, chicken hearts are bigger, tougher and denser than chicken liver. The rabbit bites and minnows were the smallest treats, perfect for Oreo. Each treat also had a unique smell.


Our Review

Both Oreo and Alaska thoroughly enjoyed these treats without the kind of guilt I feel after I indulge in a slice of cheesecake. Before the taste test, I already predicted that they would take to the treats because they love high-protein, all-meat treats like chicken breast, chicken liver, turkey hearts, etc. While Oreo has never had them raw, he likes them freeze-fried or cooked, and Alaska loves them any way she can get them.

20161216_131201 (1)

While all 8 treats resulted in drooling mouths, prying paws and ferocious tail wags, the treat that both Oreo and Alaska was at first hesitant about was the minnows. These are tiny, whole fish – Oreo was intrigued and sniffed them for a long time before taking a bite, and Alaska reacted by rolling around on them.


They’ve both had fish before as a supplemental protein, in their food or by itself as a treat. However, they’ve never had fish whole and intact so their initial reaction to the minnows was quite funny.

20161111_114355 (1)

Further Thoughts

These VE cat treats are obviously not just for cats! Because they are single-ingredient and 100% animal protein, you can share these among all your carnivores. Each bag of treat is the perfect size for travel and carrying around in your pocket for training. But between both Oreo and Alaska, they empty really quickly. I highly recommend Vital Essentials entire line of treats – look no further than healthy, wholesome and delicious treats that your critters will go crazy for!


Where to Buy

You can find these on my favorite online pet supply shop www.chewy.com, or in stores anywhere near you.




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