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2 Dogs Treats

Alaska had the pleasure of taste testing the Just Beef and Just Chicken treats from 2 Dogs Treats. What I love about 2 Dogs Treats is how transparent they are with their sourcing of ingredients. The ingredients of the treats speak for themselves, and if you are still skeptical, just take a look at the treats- what you see is what you get!

2 Dogs Treats Just Chicken
2 Dogs Treats Just Beef


It started with a search. Wanting to give our two dogs the best after finding the local pet stores had recalled all their favorite treats, we founded 2 Dogs Treats to provide them with healthy treats using locally sourced ingredients. Now we are happy to bring these treats to your dogs as well!

We want you to feel great about 2 Dogs Treats for your dogs, so we make all of our treats the right way, using all-natural ingredients and no preservatives…just the way you would. We are passionate about providing your family with the best and healthiest dog treats possible and we promise your dogs will love our made-to-order treats as much as you will love knowing that you are “treating” them right. ~ Christian and Mike, cofounders of 2 Dogs Treats

Our Review


Each slice of jerky is perfectly cut and cooked – a much better job than I cook ever attempt making homemade jerky. There were no crumbs in the bottom of the bag; it was packed to the rim of fresh meaty jerky. I love how evenly thin they’re sliced so that I can easily break one jerky into many pieces. All the pieces were the same texture and color throughout meaning none were under or overcooked.


Alaska AND Oreo went crazy for these 100% natural jerky treats. One Sniff sent Alaska’s eyes bulging, saliva dripping and wiggle butt dancing. Oreo meowed incessantly, swatted at my hands reaching in the bag, and stalked me until I surrendered the noms.

Wide-eyed treat enthusiast waiting for the goods..ย 
Blurry shotย of the furry kids in action

Both the chicken and beef were winners, but Alaska appreciated the extra crunchiness of the thicker beef jerky. The beef jerky is more firm and has a stronger snap, ย probably because it is cooked longer and/or at a higher temperature.

Treat was devoured a half second after this photo was taken!

The chicken jerky was more crisp and easily breakable. For Oreo, I’d snap one strip into many tiny pieces for his easier chewing, but Alaska would grab a whole strip and munch away in a few bites.

“May I PLEASE eat already?!”

Further Thoughts

Working for her treats ๐Ÿ™‚

Overall, I’d highly recommend 2 Dogs Treats for both dogs and cats who enjoy all-natural, meaty treats. There’s nothing better than single-ingredient, minimally processed, and human-grade treats for my furry children. After all, they smelled so delicious I’m sure I’m not the first one to have thought about taking a bite myself!

High value, quality rewardย 

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