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Raw Pet Food Project

With inspiration from our friends Adventures of Doodles from the UK, I’ve launched this exciting Raw Pet Food Project that has been in the works for a few months now. I decided to start this mini project as I am always approached by many people on and offline that are interested by raw feeding or know about raw and would like to feed raw, but don’t know where to start or where to source their food from.

The aim is to compare the raw pet food available from different suppliers in the U.S. and hopefully find the best raw food/supplier for Alaska (and Oreo, if he ever takes to frozen raw). The whole process is to document our feeding with different raw food suppliers and be able to share our findings with you! Of course these testimonials will purely be based on our personal experience and opinions, so keep in mind that every dog is different. But by sharing our honest thoughts and photos of the products we receive, we hope we can spread the word about the benefits of feeding raw, and ultimately help encourage like-minded pet owners to take the leap of faith and start feeding raw!

Each supplier will be rated on a handful of categories which will help to keep consistency across all the reviews. We will aim to feed food from all suppliers for at least a month to give them all a fair trial. 

Our categories will be:

  1. Pup appeal: how much Alaska enjoyed the food (Out of 10)
  2. Stool rating: how the stools are (Out of 5)
  3. Packaging rating: quality of packaging, storage, portioning, preparing (Out of 5)
  4. Price: value for the money (Out of 10)
  5. Quality: consistency of food (sloppy vs chunky), amount of meat on bones (Out of 10)
  6. Variety of products: product offerings (Out of 5)
  7. Delivery and ordering: ease of ordering and quality of the delivery (Out of 5)

This rating system will give each of our suppliers a total score out of 50. Furthermore, each review will be accompanied by our comments for each category and some photos of the products at the end of each one month trial period.

Please stay tuned as we slowly reveal the suppliers that we’ve had the pleasure of testing for this Raw Pet Food project. 🙂


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