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Small Business Spotlight: The French Dog

A new accessory has been added to Alaska’s wardrobe, and it has become one of our favorites! As many of you know, Alaska sports a harness rather than the traditional collar because she is easily excitable on our walks. You will never find her outdoors without a trusty harness on, and if you do… call me ASAP, haha! On this week’s Small Business Spotlight segment, I have the pleasure of introducing The French Dog!


We are a small, family-owned business, hand-making everything right here in the home. We take great pride in our merchandise, and customer service is the most important aspect of our business. A happy customer will share a positive experience with others, and come back with return business. – Karen, The French Dog

Product Offerings

We offer collars, leashes, harnesses and bow ties for dogs in our Etsy shop. There is a wide variety of patterns and designs, including leather.

Our Review

Our harness from The French Dog was custom made for Alaska. I chose the design and the Founder, Karen, got to work making the step-in harness that would fit Alaska. My first impression was how the harness looked handmade and high-quality. You wouldn’t find this nor expect this level of craftsmanship from a large-scale franchise. Not only did it look sturdy, the harness is the perfect thickness. It doesn’t get lost in Alaska’s fur as is what usually happens with her harnesses.


I don’t like the thinner harnesses that look like they’re made for small dogs because they don’t stand out in Alaska’s double coat and they don’t provide as much padding against the dog. But The French Dog’s custom-made harness fit perfectly and allowed room to adjust sizing. It also featured unique material that made adjusting very easy.


Unlike collars or other harnesses that have the traditional plastic slider which can be a pain in the butt to slide back and forth along thick material, I loved how The French Dog used a lightweight aluminum slider that slid back and forth the harness seamlessly.


The only critique I have about this harness is that it twists around quite a lot when being worn and is in use. The centerpiece which lies on Alaska’s back between her shoulder blades falls to the right and the left spontaneously while I’m walking her. I’ve tried to tighten the harness around her girth but this still occurs.


While it doesn’t affect the functionality of the harness, it can be a nuisance when the harness and subsequently, leash falls to one side and gets stuck underneath Alaska’s long curly tail. I constantly have to readjust the harness on Alaska to avoid this.

Further Thoughts

I’ve been testing out this harness on every outing since we’ve received it and I’m happy to report that it is holding up well. It is 99.9% guaranteed that the harness cannot slip off or break off. Not only is there a secure plastic buckle at the top along the dog’s back, but also 2 metal D-rings to which you attach the hook of a leash. I do not have worry about Alaska slipping out of the harness unexpectedly which has happened before with other harnesses.


When it comes to being outside, safety is my number 1 priority. And it should be yours too. So invest in a sturdy, custom-made step-in harness from the French Dog today. You absolutely won’t regret it!

Where to Find Us

Instagram: @thefrenchdog

Facebook: The French Dog

Twitter: @french_louie

Online store:


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