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#SundayFunday: City Shenanigans

While Hurricane Hermine is currently headed our way on the East Coast, we’re taking it easy relaxing at home. So this week’s Sunday Funday actually took place this past Friday. When the humans are out of the house for work during the weekdays, Alaska and Oreo stay home. We usually reserve outdoor adventures for after work and weekends, but this Friday I took advantage of the day off and took Alaska for a day outing in NYC.

Because I rely on public transportation, I never take Alaska out when i have business to take care of, especially not in the busy, hustling city of New York. But today I thought she could use some exercise and fun in a new environment while I meet up with friends and run some errands.

At first, I was very hesitant about taking Alaska with me on the train because 1) the rule is that all pets need to be contained inside a carrier that fits in your lap without being exposed, and 2) Alaska has anxiety of closed, tight spaces and she does NOT like being in the stroller/carrier that I have. So I instantly knew that the hardest part of this whole thing was traveling with an anxious and nervous dog on public transit. I brought along her stroller/carrier in the case that I was asked by MTA personnel to place Alaska inside, but I hoped and prayed that they would turn a blind eye and be lenient on the rules.


On the way to the city, which is an hour away from us, Alaska was very alert and uncertain on the train. While she was fidgety and nervous, she was on her best behavior despite the new noises, scents, sights and people all around. Once out of the train, we had to transfer onto the subway to get to our destination. The subway scared her even more due to the constant jerking motion and the loud track noises, so I held her in my lap so she would feel safe in my arms.


Finally, relieve to be outdoors again, we headed to the Hudson River to meet my friend and jog by the waterfront. We had perfect weather and Alaska happily jogged by my side. Next, we walked to a nearby brunch spot, Gingersnap’s Organic, where we ordered take out and sat in front of the building to enjoy our munchies.


Around 3:30PM, it was time to head back home. While we only spent a few hours in the city, I wanted to avoid the rush hour/Labor Day weekend traffic that was inevitable on the train and subway systems. Plus, Alaska and I had done so much walking and exploring that we both had enough.


On the train ride home, Alaska behaved so well. She didn’t make a sound. She sat in her seat, looked out the window, listened attentively to the train announcements and then rested during the 40 minute ride.


Once home, Alaska was tired out! We both had an adventurous, fun-filled day. Although we were both exhausted by the end, it was well worth the trouble and I can definitely see another city outing in the near future for the both of us! 🙂



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