Small Business Spotlight: Hot Dog Collars

A while ago, I discovered a new online pet accessories company while I was searching the web for dog collar and ID tag upgrades for Alaska. The company is Hot Dog Collars – an online wonderland of pet accessories and essentials. Recently we had the opportunity to test out and review a few of their products, and I can’t wait to share my thoughts!

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What is your pets personality?  Calm and laid back?  Hyper and ready to PLAY?  The “Protector”, the “Follower”, the “lick your hand until you pet them some more”? Our pets are part of our family, each with their own unique personality.  Hot Dog Collars was founded on this belief, and our mission is to enhance the lives of both the pet and the family through fun and unique pet accessories.

Since our humble beginnings at mall kiosks in Jacksonville, Florida, to our expansion as the worldwide online leader for dog collars, we have helped spoil over 1,000,000 pets. Still privately owned and operated, our mission is to help you make your four legged friend(s) happy. After all, their sole job seems to be to put a smile on our face. – Hot Dog Collars

Our Review

A first glance at their website left me in awe of all the products, brands, and variety that Hot Dog Collars carries online. Don’t let the name fool you; collars are only 1 type of product that they sell. From toys to accessories to carriers, this website is flooded with pet essentials.

I ordered a harness, collar and pet carrier/stroller. The harness and collar are manufactured by Hot Dog Collars, but the pet carrier is made by a different brand – Snoozer Pets. I chose the Anchors Away Step-In Dog Harness. My first impression was that the harness looked very flimsy. While the size wasn’t a problem because it is adjustable to fit, the nylon material was very thin. I usually prefer thicker material when it comes to harnesses for safety and durability, and I’m not sure if this particular harness meets that criteria.


Furthermore, due to its flimsy construction and in part the type of harness it is, it is prone to twisting in all different directions if you don’t store it away properly. The middle piece that hugs the dog’s chest always slide from one side to the other and it can get confusing which opening fits which part of the dog.


The first time I tried to fit the harness on Alaska, it took me 4 whole minutes to untwist the harness and figure out how the harness goes on the dog. I recommend snapping the plastic buckle in place and hooking it onto a wall rather than just taking the harness off the dog and throwing it in a drawer because that is how the harness gets itself all twisted up.



My favorite item from this haul is the Spiked and Studded Leather Personalized Name Plate Dog Collar. I ordered a black leather collar with a name plate in gold, which includes primary identification information such as your dog’s name and your cellphone number.


The information is carefully engraved into the metal name plate – making it clearly legible. The name plate is then securely screwed onto the Latigo leather collar at both ends. The leather collar also features silver studs adorning it; I chose this look because Alaska is notorious for chewing on her collars when she is bored or left alone so this definitely deterred her from messing with her brand new collar. The best part about this item is that the personalized name plate is the perfect alternative to dangling ID tags. I don’t know about your pup, but Alaska loves to chew on her ID tags and leave bite marks that make the information on the tag illegible. She’s had this behavior since she was a puppy, and old habits are hard to break.


That is why I’m happy to have found this collar from Hot Dog Collars, and I highly recommend it to other pet parents who have the same problems with their pup or just want a fancy yet high-quality collar that will last a lifetime. That’s right – Hot Dog Collars offers a Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee on this Spiked and Studded Leather Personalized Name Plate Collar so grab yours today!


Lastly, I ordered the Snoozers 4-in-1 Roll Around Travel Pet Carrier Backpack because I’ve been hunting on the market for a pet carrier that I didn’t have to carry on 1 shoulder or with my hands because let’s be real here, Alaska is 25 pounds of bone, muscle and fluff which is pretty heavy for a gal of my size. This carrier has 4 unique functions: a stroller, car seat, bed and backpack for on the go adventures with your pup. This is what caught my eye, and I ordered a carrier in Large.



The stroller was not heavy at all, actually more compact than I had imagined. Some minor assembling was required, but in no time the stroller was ready to go. I placed Alaska into the stroller, hind legs first, and got her into a sit position. The fit was very snug and there was no room for her to move around or change positions. I couldn’t even fully zip the carrier close due to her size.


Unfortunately, Alaska wouldn’t get accustomed to being in the stroller, either upright or on the ground. She’s generally anxious in tight, closed spaces and not used to being in any kind of carrier since she was a puppy. I’ve tried desensitizing her with praise and treats but she refuses to be inside the carrier for any longer than to allow me to snap a quick picture. I really thought that she wouldn’t mind this because she loves to be held off the ground. Furthermore, I could not even attempt to lift the carrier up or turn it sideways to use as a stroller because Alaska was too heavy and she would frantically jump out as soon as the stroller moved. I believe this is due to her fear and anxiety of confinement in tight spaces, so I did not force her any further.


Oreo, on the other hand, finds it quite pleasing to place himself into tight spaces so he made himself right at home inside the Snoozer Pet Carrier. I tried carrying it as a backpack but even with 15 pound Oreo inside, it was way too heavy to handle.



I also contacted the company Snoozer Pets for any advice on helping Alaska have a more comfortable experience with the carrier, but they failed to respond. So while I think this 4-in-1 pet carrier is a useful device for smaller pets who are used to being in carriers, it wasn’t the right fit for us.

Further Thoughts

Overall, I am pleased with the experience I had with Hot Dog Collars. They offer so many different products that I am sure you will find yourself with 5+ items in your cart every time you shop there. Their customer service is great, and shipping from their warehouse is very reliable. They stand behind all of their products, hence their 365 Day Return or Exchange policy, lifetime guarantee on many items, and customer service ratings of 9+ (out of 10). Plus, they always have a sale section for those pet parents on a budget. So check them out! 🙂




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