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Small Business Spotlight: Montana Grrl Critter Gear


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Jessie is a Montana native who grew up in the small town of Deer Lodge, Montana. She picked up her old hobby of sewing with her Grandma’s 1950’s Bernina as her first machine, making clothes, blankets, and crafts as presents for her family and friends. Jessie was asked by a close family friend about designing and producing multiple puppy collars. After some trial and error, and a few repeat orders – Montana Grrl was born.

Jessie lives and works in Missoula and was lucky enough to find both her dogs, Bunter, a Boxer cross and Cubby, a Scottie, in local shelters. They oversee and provide inspiration in the production of all Montana Grrl items with exclusive modeling contracts. Jessie sells liability insurance during the day and at night after her critters are asleep, she sits at the sewing machine and lets the whirl of it whisk away the day.

Product Offerings

Montana Grrl offers handmade collars, matching leashes, over the collar bandanas, flowers, bow ties and key fobs. On the site you can also find fun items that Jessie thinks other pet owners would like such as Rubit quick tag changers, Cycle Dog toys, travel bowls, treats and pick-up bag holders, the Fifth paw holder, Puppycakes cake mixes, ice cream mixes, and Bad Tags sassy ID tags.

Our Review

We were sent 2 over the collar bandanas and 1 collar from Montana Grrl. One bandana was black with colorful cupcakes and the other was red with black phrases like “woof woof.”


The cupcake bandana would be suitable for celebrating barkdays and the red is perfect for casual wear.


Over-the-collar bandanas are quite popular these days, but the more I use them the more I find them to be a hassle to get on and off a collar. Secondly, over-the-collar bandanas just seem to wrinkle up when worn.


The fabric on the bandanas seem to be very thin, making them flimsy and easy to wrinkle. All in all, these over-the-collar bandanas did not impress me as anything special; however, I did like how they looked on Alaska.


The fabric collar from Montana Grrl came in a pink daisy print with a plastic buckle and metal D-ring.

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 2.57.08 PM

It is very flexible compared to webbing collars that are more stiff. I find that fabric collars can also be a bit flimsy around the dog’s neck but this wasn’t the case with Alaska. It held up nicely due to the double layer of the material sewed together for a secure band. The fit of the collar was seamless and can be adjusted for a tight or loose fit. The plastic buckle created a strong and secure lock, but gives the collar an inexpensive look.


Overall, I think that Montana Grrl is very affordable for the pet parent who likes to shop small, rather than buying at larger corporations like Petco and PetSmart. I admire that Jessie incorporates other items into her shop to diversify her product line that she cannot offer herself.  

Jessie was kind enough to extend a coupon code for all of my blog readers! Please take a peek at their website and if you’d like to make a purchase, the code  AMAZING15 gets you 15% off any order!


Where to Buy


Etsy shop:

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