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OKocat Natural Wood Clumping Cat Litter

Many people underestimate the task of finding a good kitty litter. But let me tell you, it can sometimes be a challenge finding one that your cat likes (or doesn’t hate), is pet-friendly and environmentally-friendly, and reasonably priced. Some cats don’t care what you put in their litter box; others make you buy every product on the market until they settle on one. Get the scoop on Okocat Natural Wood Clumping Cat Litter – a new company and product we had the pleasure of testing out. It’s been a month using this litter, and so far we have lots of pawsitive things to say!

Our Review

Kitty inspection duty 

What first caught my eye about Okocat Natural Wood Clumping Cat Litter was that it’s natural wood made from reclaimed timbers and lumber materials. As I’m always looking for natural alternatives, this really struck my eye as unique – something I had to try. Okocat Litter is free of additives and chemicals so there is nothing synthetic about this product. In the past, I’ve tried clay dust litters that were laden with chemicals and toxic scents, but at that time I did not know any better about cat litters. On the box itself, Okocat Litter claims to be biodegradable, flushable, antibacterial and has 7 day odor control and 500% absorbability. So I just had to put this to the test.

Looks like dry oatmeal flakes

Upon opening the box, what struck me first was that the wood pellets were actually softer in texture than I had anticipated. For cats who prefer a softer litter on their little paws, this is also a great option. I imagined tiny pieces of wood chips that resemble what you would find in a dog park or in the woods, but these little pellets remind me of dry oatmeal.

In my experience, tracking around the litter box is inevitable

The litter itself is lightweight, but like all lightweight litters it tracks outside of the litter box. When Oreo exits the litter box, he always brings litter out with him, most likely because it sticks to his paw pads and because he likes to dig around and ‘clean’ his toilet area. The tracking isn’t a deal breaker for me because I have yet to find a litter that doesn’t track even just a little. Other kitty litters we’ve previously used often left powdery/dusty paw prints on the floor, but this is not the case with OK Cat litter because it’s really dust-free and leaves no residue.

The litter passed the test from Oreo

I saved the best part for last: the clumping action is darn good. Because it clumps on contact with urine, the litter box basically cleans itself. Also, the light color makes it easier to spot out what needs to be scooped. Urine scooping has never been easier; I just scoop up the clumps and voila! Oreo has a fresh and clean personal toilet.

“Ahhh.. this material feels good on my paws!”

Another plus is the odor control is incredible. These natural wood pellets actually absorb and control odor so I no longer experience sitting on the couch watching TV and suddenly catching a whiff of Oreo finishing his business in the litter box. What fascinates me is how a natural product could be so effective at odor control when it is entirely fragrance-free. I was first skeptical and thought that it would really smell if I forgot to clean Oreo’s litter box for a day or two. Other litters I’ve tried had chemical/artificial fresheners that did not even mask foul odor at all.

Of course, Alaska had to give it the OK as well

If you’re looking for an all-natural cat litter that’s effective, biodegradable and affordable, I recommend OKocat Natural Wood Clumping Cat Litter. Not every cat parent is sold on pellet litters like this one, but OKocat Litter is free from hazardous chemicals, does a fantastic job at clumping and controlling odor, and is 100% dust free. This is seriously the best cat litter we’ve ever used!

Check them out on www.chewy.com for the best prices.


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