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3 Ways We Stay Active Outdoors This Summer

The Summer has been very good to us this year, to say the least. We’ve gotten plenty of sun, heat and humidity. It can be challenging finding new ways to stay active AND keep cool in the scorching heat, especially when all you want to do is lie on the couch with the air-conditioning blasting. When it’s 95 degrees Fahrenheit outside (but it actually feels like 102), the last thing I want to do is get outside with Alaska and run up a sweat for 2 hours. But the princess demands to be taken out, and I’ve learned from her that leading a healthy and active lifestyle is a priority regardless of the weather, your age or your species. So read on to see just how we get outside, brave the sun and have fun like nobody’s business!

1) Whip out that rusty bike and go for a spin


Truth be told, going on a bike ride with Alaska is my favorite activity, and ESPECIALLY in the summer. Alaska requires a lot of physical activity and mental stimulation for her to come home tired, so not only do I save myself a lot of energy otherwise spent on walking or jogging, I also save time.


I can exhaust Alaska’s energy with a 2 hour bike ride versus 4 hours on foot. Now that’s a win win! Just be sure to bring fresh drinking water for you and your pup.

2) Hit the dog-friendly beach


Nothing beats the heat more than jumping in a nice, cool body of water outdoors. Well, if you’re anything like Alaska, you just dip your toes in the water and bark at the other folks having a blast swimming.


Take a dip with your pup, play fetch and have a beach pawty!


3) Take a cruise with the windows down


Alaska’s favorite activity is taking a cruise on 4 wheels with her papa. She can hardly sit still in the car because she’s busy running from one open window to the other- sniffing the fresh air and sticking her head out to check out all the new sights.


Don’t forget to make frequent pit stops to explore new territory!


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