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Leela Ryan Dog Treats

Sourced and handmade right here in my home of NYC, Leela Ryan dog treats have a special place in my heart (and Alaska’s tummy). Vanessa, the founder, believes that treats should be simple and healthy. She sticks to this core value by making dog treats that are made of just 3 wholesome ingredients. After all, better treats make for a healthier life for your four-legged family member.


Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 10.56.53 PM
As if you aren’t already sold..

Banana Pudding: oats, bananas, peanut butter

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 10.57.29 PM
An upscale brand for upscale pups

Wild Berry Scones: oats, strawberries, blueberries

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 10.57.10 PM
Capturing the essence of apple pie

Tartes Aux Pommes: oats, apples, cinnamon

Our Review

“What’s with all the photos, mom?”

First off, I love the packaging of these treats. Each resealable bag features a chic pastel color according to the flavor, and Leela Ryan’s logo in Gold printed on the bag. I envision fluffy royalty when I pick up a bag of Leela Ryan dog treats, and I can’t complain because Alaska is treated like one in this house.

“I’m clearly unamused at all this photo-taking..”

We received 3 bags of treats in 3 different flavors: Banana Pudding, Wild Berry Scones, and Tartes Aux Pommes. These dog treats are made with only 3 ingredients each – simple, healthy and truly all-natural. Made with just fruits and heart-healthy oats, Leela Ryan dog treats are free of wheat, corn, soy and anything artificial. They’re edible for not only dogs, but their doting humans as well. They are made with ingredients you probably have in your kitchen at any given time.

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 10.45.40 PM

Alaska enjoyed all three flavors equally. Each bag has just the right amount of cookies, lasting Alaska 2 weeks each. I treat her to one or two after we get through her daily toothbrushing routine. She happily crunches away! My only critique is that these biscuits do not really smell like their ingredients; I expected to smell bananas, peanut butter, and apples but instead they smelled like dry oats. Perhaps it is how these biscuits are baked that they lose their aroma when compared to the raw cookie dough.

A peek into the bag

Size, Texture & Consistency

Vanessa combines these simple, human-grade ingredients to perfection, creating crunchy flat discs full of flavor. I can see specks of colorful ingredients in the biscuits and I feed them to Alaska with a peace of mind knowing that she’ll not only love them, but also that they are good for her teeth (and her health)!

“I spy with my big brown eyes.. a delicious biscuit about to be devoured by yours truly!”

These crunchy cookies are baked at low temperatures, lending to a firm treat without the burnt appearance and overcooked result. I love that these treats are hard and crunchy so that Alaska actually takes her time chewing these crackers. Furthermore, due to their texture and consistency they do not end up sticking to Alaska’s teeth and gums which I find is often the case with soft, chewy treats.

“Nom nom nom, I can finally get my crunch on!”

Further Thoughts

I admire how Vanessa took such common dog-friendly foods and combined them to make such a delicious treat for pups. I honestly can’t replicate these treats in my own kitchen if I tried. I am very optimistic about Leela Ryan’s future as they are gradually expanding their brand and products throughout New York and beyond. Most recently, Leela Ryan’s dog biscuits were one of the scrumptious items in May’s BarkBox! (If you are interested in a BarkBox for your pup, use code ALASKA at checkout on any new subscription to earn $10 credit to BarkShop). You have to try Leela Ryan dog treats for yourselves to know just why I love them, oh I meant your four-legged furry children have to try them and you can sneak a bite too! 🙂

Oreo felt left out so he got to catch a whiff

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