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#SundayFunday: Udalls Cove Park Preserve

I haven’t been caught up with weekly Sunday Fundays, but this one is special because we discovered a new adventure spot hidden in our neighborhood.


Udalls Cove Park Preserve is a 31 acre wetland featuring a large, scenic pond and paved trails. There are multiple entrances from the street and the trail brings you in a full circle around the pond.


The placid waters are home to ducks, swans, frogs and plenty of algae floating on the surface. If you look closely, you can see dragonflies flying around.


Alaska had a lot of fun exploring and sniffing around, even though it was a super hot day. Her favorite part must have been chasing away the flock of pigeons (and cutting my finger on the retractable leash at the same time).


We will definitely be returning for a stroll, jog or bike ride in the very near future!



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