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Small Business Spotlight: K9 Swag


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“K9 Swag is made up of two friends who share a love of animals and rescue. We both own bully breeds and also foster many dogs who suffer from the stigma against these breeds. In order to showcase their softer side, we would add a little something extra to make them stand out during adoption events, and a bowtie seemed like the perfect accessory! This sparked the idea to create our own line of accessories and with that, K9 Swag came to life!

All of our products are handmade with durability and versatility in mind. We focus our craftsmanship on creating a bowtie or collar that would fit an active lifestyle.  Our bow ties are made to withstand simple elements such as dirt, rain, or plain shrubbery, without compromising the quality of the product itself.  They are quadruple layered to maintain their shape, and attach with straps of sturdy velcro.  Our collars are made with top notch webbing that is waterproof and UV and mildew resistant, preventing unwanted odors and smells from absorbing into the collar itself. Around this webbing are our exclusive cotton prints that are carefully wrapped around in layers to ensure that stylish look.  All of our collars are made with a contoured snap buckle to provide maximum comfort, while still offering the option for upgrades.” – K9 Swag

Price Point

Products range from $9-$30. There is always a sale section for those on a budget.

Our Review

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I picked out the Hearts of Gold bow tie for Alaska, as I love anything with gold and I thought the red would look fabulous on her. What is special about this bow tie is that it features 2 velcro strip attachments on both ends of the bow tie. Rather than a single velcro strap in the center of the bow tie as is seen on the majority of bow ties on the market, K9 Swag is focused on bringing the pupstomer comfort and durability. This double attachment feature securely fastens the bow tie onto your pet’s collar and ensures its place without twisting around. Even though it’s an extra step to attach the bow tie, I am very confident that the bow tie will stay in place no matter how rough Alaska plays outside. Compared to bows that come with an elastic, I highly prefer the velcro attachment.


The bow tie itself is very well made. It has 2 layers without being bulky in looks or heavy in weight. The bottom layer adds depth to the simple bow tie look, as well as allows for the 2 velcro attachments to be placed. The 2 velcro strips are also concealed by the bottom layer so that you would not be able to see them once the bow tie is on the collar. this sturdy bow tie, along with the strategic placement of not one but two velcro attachments earns my approval, and I will definitely be looking into more bow ties from K9 Swag.


Further Thoughts


K9 Swag’s collection is routinely updated with new and exciting additions. Their packaging is very simple yet works very well for their products. Our Hearts of Gold bow tie came in a clear plastic encase mentioned that keeps the bow from getting damaged during shipment. Furthermore, the founders continue to help support animal rescue groups by donating collars or bow ties during adoption events to help showcase a pet needing a home, or donate a portion of our proceeds to local rescue groups. They put pride in their work and extend their philanthropy to causes they care about most.

Where to Buy

Sniff ‘em out on Social Media

Instagram @k9.swag



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