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Small Business Spotlight: Willowear

I hope everyone enjoyed a fun-filled Independence Day weekend with your 2 and 4 legged loved ones! For this week’s Small Business Spotlight, it is my pleasure to feature a modern and chic pet bandana company called Willowear. I’ve been a long-time admirer on social media where I’m always in awe of the company’s designer-style pet accessories and the beautiful photography that makes every bandana shine. I finally got the opportunity to connect with the owner, Kristin, who formally introduced me to her shop and all that it has to offer stylish pets and their parents and I can’t wait to share with you my thoughts!


Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 11.07.26 PM

“It all began with my husband and I uniting our lifelong love of animals, my 20+ years in the fashion industry, his 20+  years of business knowledge, and combining it to launch Willowear Pet Bandanas in May of 2015.

With our unique mix of finance knowledge and fashion experience we set up shop armed with a business plan, sewing machine, our rambunctious German Shorthaired Pointer, Willow and sweet kitty, Georgie as chief fit models.

And it was quickly discovered that our bandanas would offer more than just playing dress up with the fur kids.

Willowear’s mission is to enhance every pets unique personality with designer-style to move them ahead of the pack.” – Willowear

Product Offerings

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 11.08.02 PM

Over the Collar bandanas for dog and cats (two fabrics combined into one bandana making them reversible), Traditional Knot bandanas for dogs (square you fold over, roll down to the size needed, and tie to knot around the neck area), Reversible Tie On bandanas for dogs (two fabrics sewn into one bandana in the shape of a triangle, you roll down to the size needed, and tie to knot around the neck area). Willow Wear offers new collections throughout the year.

Price point

All styles of bandanas, in all sizes are offered at $12.99. Wholesale pricing for retail is available.

Our Review


What I love most about this Reversible Tie On Bandana is the reversible design feature. I have 2 bandanas in 1 and I can not only use either side but also fold over the hem to feature a glimpse of the other print. I was graciously sent a patriotic bandana – red, white and blue stars on one side and red and white polka dots on the other. The bright colors really stand out against Alaska’s white fur and she puts a smile on everyone’s face when we cross paths outside.

The cut is impeccably straight and there was not a single wrinkle in the fabric other than where it was folded in the package. The fabric itself is thin and lightweight; unlike other bandanas that are folded over and stitched together in two layers, Willow Wear’s bandanas are only a single layer of fabric. This design creates a lightweight product that can be manipulated into different sizes.



Unfolded, the bandana is a triangular shape that you can tie on as is or you can fold over the long base of the triangle to make it fit your pet to your preference. This traditional tie-on bandana allows you to customize the fit around your pet’s neck. I find that double knotting the 2 ends ensures the bandana won’t slip off; however, it creates an unsightly bulge that needs to be hidden at the back of Alaska’s neck.


Further Thoughts

Willow Wear is always looking to reinvent the wheel and offer their customers bigger and better things such as new upgrades. Currently, Kristin is working on the wholesale aspect of the business to really bring her products to market and available through other channels. While pet bandanas are nothing new, the fabrics that Willow Wear carry are unmatched from what I’ve seen in the market. From florals to plaids, Willow Wear’s bandanas offer your pet style and comfort. Kristin works hard to provide unique items and you can find new collections being revealed on a regular basis to keep things fresh and exciting. You are sure to find a bandana to match your pet’s sassy, fun or quirky personality. They have a loyal customer base and their products, customer service, and brand will not disappoint!


Where to Buy (worldwide shipping)

Etsy shop: WillowearWags

storefront in Long Beach, CA

Sniff ‘em out on social media

Facebook: Willowear Pet Bandanas

Instagram: @willowearpetbandanas

Twitter: @willoweartweet

Pinterest: @willowear



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