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Original Territory Travel Blanket

Original Territory is a new brand that I’ve recently discovered when they reached out to me asking if I’d be interested in trying out their Travel Blanket. Upon heading online and researching the company further, I found it to be right up my alley. I chose to review the Travel Blanket in Brown; read on to learn more about this stylish and functional creation!



Dogs make us happy, and we want to return the favor by giving them their own private Territory to feel loved and comfortable. Whether you and your dog go for runs in the park, walks in the woods, or naps on the couch, we’ve got the unique products to match your best friend’s unique personality. From leashes, beds, and travel blankets to bandanas, toys, and more, our dog products are made to fit every lifestyle and every room in your home.

We have focused on every detail in crafting our products to last a lifetime. All Territory™ products are machine washable and made to take on whatever your dog can dish out. Every dog deserves their own Territory, because nothing is more important to our four-legged friends than love, comfort, and familiarity. ~ Original Territory 

Our Review

This bag is made with the avid traveler in mind. Traveling with pets can be stressful burden, but Original Territory makes traveling more comfortable with this blanket. Folded up, this bag is a REAL bag. The blanket creates a nest to carry travel essentials such as water bottle and a light bag of food. But because the bag is created by the blanket, it cannot hold too much or too heavy items.


Assembly of the bag is very easy and takes less than a minute. Unfolding takes places in a couple of hand motions, revealing a comfortable, plush and soft cushion on which to lie. I can vividly imagine taking this blanket along on a road trip to the beach or on a hike to Bear Mountain. Whatever the occasion, this travel bag really comes in handy as an all-in-one tool. This innovative product also features a very comforting design; as a bag or blanket, it does not compromise style.


The outer material of the bag is waterproof. Smooth to touch and very flexible, it can withstand moisture and is easy to clean if any dirt or liquid happened to come its way. The inside material of the blanket is made of fleece. It feels very soft but is not too dense that your dog would get overheated in warm weather. The thin layer of material is just enough to cushion your dog from any potentially uncomfortable or dangerous terrain such as rocks, rugged concrete or dirt and mud.


The product itself is also not as heavy as I had anticipated. Blankets are known to be big and bulky but due to its compact size, the blanket/bag weighs less than 5 pounds to carry by itself. The 2 handles give you enough room to swing over your shoulder or hold in one hand. When unfolded, the blanket dimensions are 31″ x 38″. This size is perfect for any small or medium-sized pet. Alaska has just enough room to spread her legs and lie down comfortably.



Overall, the Original Territory travel blanket is a necessity and makes traveling more comfortable and convenient. I’m thrilled to be acquainted with such a function minded pet brand and I highly recommend this product to other pet parents.




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