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Waggo Ceramic Dog Bowl

Based in Brooklyn, Waggo is a modern brand of pet products tailored to the style-savvy pet parent. From toys to beds to bowls, Waggo has a lot to offer. I had the pleasure of testing and reviewing the Too Hot Two Handle Ceramic Dog Bowl in Mint. Read on to read my thoughts in detail!

“Ready to dig in to dinner in my new Waggo bowl!”


Waggo specializes in designer pet products that are both design-driven and stylish. Our focus is on creating the best dog beds, colorful ceramic dog bowls and fashionable dog collars that are sure to be pet approved. We inject a sense of humor and splash of color in everything we make to make sure you smile too.

We love simple color dips, classic stripes and patterns, quirky shapes and have a penchant for playful designs. Owning a pet has never looked so good!

Our Review

A peek of the contents in the bowl – Alaska’s food for meal prep

The Too Hot Two Handle Ceramic Dog Bowl is hand glazed in bright, modern colors. Available in small, medium and large sizes, this bowl is perfect for preparing Alaska’s food as well as comes in handy when I’m dealing with any kind of food or liquid for Alaska and Oreo. This allows me to keep their food separate from mine, minimizing the risk of bacteria present in the kitchen.

The strong ceramic material makes the bowl very sturdy and very easy to clean. It is however heavy to carry around. But do not fret because there are 2 protruding handles that make carrying it around easier. If the contents of the bowl are hot, you have 2 convenient handles with which to handle it. The best part is that the bowl is microwave and dishwasher safe and FDA approved, so feel free to treat it as any other bowl you have in your kitchen.

A big smile (and plenty of drool) patiently awaits…

The bowl is big enough for me (I picked Medium) to use as a mixing bowl during meal prep and Alaska’s favorite part is licking the bowl clean! I am glad Alaska has a bowl to call her own, and the inscription DOG on one side of the bowl tells everyone in the house that this bowl is strictly Alaska’s.

Clearly legible for the humans in the house

I love the fresh mint color, although Waggo has other colors to choose from. Overall, I highly recommend the Waggo Ceramic Dog Bowl to any pet parent as a fancy feeding bowl or an additional bowl for preparing homemade dog food. I use it to portion and mix Alaska’s raw food as well as prepare bone broth and liquid ice treats. I do not use it as a feeding bowl because it is way too big and it is prone to sliding around on the wooden table that Alaska eats off of.

“Can’t keep my mouth out!”

Further Thoughts

I admire the brand that Waggo has created for itself. Its website and products reflect the brands emphasis on quality, style and innovation. I love supporting local businesses, and Waggo is definitely one that I am proud to support. Just taking a skim through its products, I can tell that each one of Waggo’s products is built to last and made with both pet parents and their four-legged furry children in mind.

Alaska’s favorite part of the product – eating the delicious contents!



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