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Small Business Spotlight: Bonjour Fido!

It is my greatest pleasure to feature Bonjour Fido! on this week’s Small Business Spotlight. Bonjour Fido! is a chic, fun and elegant pet apparel/accessories company that I fell in love with initially on Instagram. As a pet blogger, I am always in-the-know on the latest trend or rising company, but I was amazed at how this small, NYC-based niche business has made a unique name for itself and expanded from online commerce to in-stores.


Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 2.48.07 PM

Bonjour Fido! is all about creating Preppy, Chic, and Fun designs for your adorable dog to wear. Rachael, the Founder, takes great care in designing each product and prides herself in creating unique items that are individually handcrafted right here in New York. Fashion and function are always at the forefront of all her creations which is why she only uses premium materials and high-end metal hardware for added strength and durability. Rachael’s inspiration comes from her spunky pup, Napoleon. She wanted him to wear something special and one of a kind to match his shining, one of a kind personality.  For years she also had been craving to start a business that reflected my passion for design and creativity.  After months of research, testing materials, and hours upon hours of sewing, she decided to take the leap and start Bonjour Fido!

Product Offerings

Handmade dog collars & leashes –  ready made/ready to ship (will ship the next business day, but typically goes out same day as ordered).

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 2.49.22 PM

Every season, a new collection of designs is launched to the store (4 times a year).

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 2.50.10 PM

Price Point

Collar: $32 each

Leash: $35 each

**Bonjour Fido! is always updating their SALE section on their website, so look there for discounts.

Production & Materials

All of Bonjour Fido! products are sewn with a heavy duty sewing machine using: heavy nylon webbing in a smooth, lustrous weave for strength and comfort, heavy-duty thread to withstand the outdoor elements, triple stitching at all stress points for added safety, and high-quality metal hardware in a gold or silver finish for strength, style, and durability.

**New size Alert: A new size is about to be launched in the shop: 3/4″ width Medium collar that is lightweight for dogs with larger necks, but smaller bodies (under 25lbs) such as French Bulldogs and Boston Terriers.

Our Review:


Browsing through Bonjour Fido’s website, I was quite impressed with not only their products, but also their elegant, user-friendly interface. Easy to navigate with a clean look, the website clearly stands out through the beautiful images of dogs modeling Bonjour Fido! Gear. What I love is that Bonjour Fido’s professional image is consistent across its brand and products. Every item oozes quality and an elegant feel. I couldn’t settle on a single design so I chose to mix-and-match a Black Python Gold Sparkle collar in ¾” Medium and a Robin Egg Blue Houndstooth leash in 1”. Because the items were ready-made, I received my gear in just a couple of days.

Look at that glistening GOLD!

The Black Python Gold Sparkle collar is so elegant; I immediately fell in love with the bright sparkly gold specks against black fabric. The gold metal hardware added a final classy touch to the collar, and I loved how it shined through Alaska’s snow white fur. Compared to the majority of dog collars that are primarily made with plastic buckles, Bonjour Fido’s products really stand out from those of competitors. The sizing was perfect and allowed much room for adjustment. The collar was not too heavy or bulky either, the fabric itself was very lightweight and the only heavy part is the metal buckle. I am very glad that Bonjour Fido is now offering a ¾” option for a Medium size collar – it is my size of choice because I love the slim, subtle look without being too bulky or heavy around the neck.

Subtle flair without looking too bulky = CLASSY

The Robin Egg Blue Houndstooth leash is simultaneously cute and classy. The houndstooth pattern complements the turquoise blue and looks fabulous on Alaska. Featuring a silver metal clasp, the leash is very sturdy and yet again lives up to Bonjour Fido’s image. The fabric is sewn onto a turquoise blue nylon leash, and the stitching is so even it almost doesn’t seem like it’s done by hand.

Fabric rises from the nylon webbing, creating air bumps/wrinkles

Every Bonjour Fido product looks so delicate, yet don’t be fooled by its appearance; each precious accessory is built to last. While I love the quality and design of the leash, I noticed that the fabric seemed a bit loose when sewed to the nylon webbing (the fabric would wrinkle as the leash bent). I wonder if the fabric can be glued on to the webbing as well as sewn along the edge to get rid of this minor cosmetic detail.


Turquoise/Aqua blue shines against my fur


Super happy in my Bonjour Fido gear!

Further Thoughts

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 2.53.23 PM
Swivel clasp, martingale, plastic buckle.. you name it!

Although Bonjour Fido! features ready to ship items, they actually do a lot of custom orders on the side for dogs of all sizes. Rachael is pretty much up for anything when it comes to customer requests, it’s just about ironing out all the details. She is all about making sure she’s designing something that her customers are going to be 100% happy with! Just from evaluating her business, I can tell that Rachael wholeheartedly stand behind her company and products. She strives to offer the best to her customers and dedicates a lot of time, energy and work into her craft. Rachael is also a pleasure to speak to and work with; we conversed via Instagram and she was very professional yet personable and accommodating. I had questions; she responded promptly and thoroughly to address my needs and wishes. This kind of customer service keeps me coming back to Bonjour Fido!


Where To Buy

Bonjour Fido! currently sells their products online at and also through Mini Me Pups Pet Boutique in Saratoga, NY.  Throughout the year, however, they will host special dog events within and outside of NYC where customers can shop their products in person.

Sniff Them Out On Social Media

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, & Pinterest: @bonjourfido

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 2.53.40 PM

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