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Gourmet Canine Cuisine by DoggyChef

It is not very often when I get to watch and be a part of a company’s growth and early success. Today I am eager to feature and review Doggychef – a premium dog food startup in my own city of New York. I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with Deborah, the founder and chef, about behind-the-scenes action of the company, and I am so excited to share with you our honest review of Doggychef meals and treats.


DoggyChef is a NYC-based dog food company that offers all-natural, delicious and healthy dog food, freshly-prepared and delivered to your doorstep in NYC & Williamsburg at a time that suits you. All of their meals are 100% human grade and made with the skill and care you’d find in a restaurant, from only the freshest ingredients. In fact, you may want to order some for yourself!  Every meal they prepare contains multivitamins, especially selected for the protective and nourishing vitamins your dog needs to grow up strong, healthy and happy. Your dog will love DoggyChef for the food, and you’ll love the convenience: Choose a single meal, treats or subscribe to a monthly plan, for recurring deliveries twice a week. They deliver their meals wherever is most convenient for you in NYC (96th street & below) and Williamsburg. But, their healthy treats can go anywhere in the United States.

Our Review – Doggychef treats

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As mentioned earlier, I was a huge fan and supporter of Doggychef before the company even launched. I fell in love with Deborah’s Maltese, Crousty, on Instagram. Deborah was kind enough to send us samples of two of her treats – Carrot Muffins and Basil Truffles.


Basil Truffles: Almond flour, coconut flour, natural peanut butter, cinnamon, basil & water

Carrot Muffins: Carrots, whole wheat flour, natural peanut butter, rolled oats, honey, vegetable oil, egg & baking soda

First and foremost, without even testing the treats,  I loved the fact that they contained no artificial sugar, colors or preservatives. Just pure, healthy and natural whole foods you can pronounce, understand and eat yourself.  Just catching a whiff of the treats sent Alaska into tail-wagging, drooling mode. I got her to do all the tricks that she is normally stubborn about doing (although impatiently). Because the treats are human-grade, meaning real food and real ingredients, I had to taste them myself to see just what was setting Alaska off. Let’s just say, I’m not too sure who loved them more – me or Alaska!

“Enough with the pictures, a starving pup’s gotta eat!”

Alaska’s favorite was the Carrot Muffins although she ate both flavors eagerly. The Carrot Muffins were soft and moist and just the right combination of carrots and peanut butter. Before tasting, I thought that they would be dry and bland because they are made for pups. But I was pleasantly surprised at the bit of sweetness from the natural peanut butter and the tasty bits of crunchy carrots. Talk about carrot cake for dogs!

Love at first sniff!

The Basil Truffles are bite-sized balls perfectly balancing basil and peanut butter. I could even taste the coconut and almond flour. They were also very soft and easily breakable into smaller bits. They smell heavenly, and the fresh basil aroma appealed to Alaska as much as it did me. Both treats can be stored at room temperature for up to a week. Refrigeration gives them a few more days after that.

“How dare you take a bite out of MY treat?!”

Doggy chef treats are a must-try, they are a breath of fresh air from traditional dog biscuits/cookies. Handmade with fresh ingredients in Deborah’s own kitchen, there’s everything to love. They also make the perfect addition to celebrate a doggy event or even gift to friends. I look forward to seeing Doggy chef expand their line of treats to include more drool-worthy nom noms. They are also within a reasonable price range (starting at $9.90) so I will be a patron in the very near future!

Our Review – Doggychef meals


As for the meals, Deborah takes care of all the prep work out of home-cooked dog food. Their pre-measured service is as simple as putting the food in the dog bowl and watching your four-legged family member dig in with pleasure. Perfect for the busy human who wants to feed his/her dog gourmet cuisine yet doesn’t have time to cook, doggy chef meals are what you’ve been looking for. Deborah kindly sent us samples of 3 of her menu offerings: Meatballs, Chicken Broccoli and Meatloaf. My samples came in 6oz bowls filled to the rim, each one amounting to a meal for my 20 pound pup. I received 4 meals, which equals 2 days of yummy food for Alaska.



Meatballs: Ground beef, Quinoa, Tomato, Bell Peppers, Basil, Olive Oil & Multi-vitamin mix

Chicken Broccoli: Chicken breast, brown rice, broccoli, berry, flaxseed oil, multi vitamins mix

Meatloaf: Ground turkey, millet, zucchini, apple, mint, olive oil & multi vitamin mix

Each meal contains at least 50% protein, 25% veggies & fruits and 25% carbohydrates or whole grains, and their menu comprises of Meatballs, Chicken Broccoli, Meatloaf and Fish & Chips. Every ingredient is distinguishable and chopped into fine pieces so that if your picky dog does not like vegetables, he cannot pick them out (sorry, Buddy!). I applaud Deborah for making such healthy dog food without turning everything into a mush – something that I see in many competitors. These healthy, balanced blends are literally good enough for humans to eat. Resembling human fare, my husband did not even know that it was food for the pooch.

Up-close view of DoggyChef Chicken Broccoli
Up-close view of DoggyChef Meatballs

Needless to say, once I gave Alaska the OK, her mouth hit the bowl and did not leave its spot for a total of 12 seconds. 12 seconds is all it took for her to clean her bowl of Doggychef! While I absolutely love her appetite and eagerness to eat her doggy chef meals, I actually want her to take her time, chew and enjoy the meals. Perhaps doggy chef can accommodate the bigger dog and/or food enthusiast by having the ingredients not as finely chopped.

“nom nom nom nom nom”

All three menu items were a delight, but Alaska’s favorite meal was the Chicken Broccoli. She proved how much she loved the food by licking her bowl clean AND begging for more after each meal.

“C’mon, just one little serving more please!”

Further thoughts

We got to experience the entire Doggychef experience. Deborah personally delivered our goodies to my place of work in the city – providing me a peace of mind knowing that Alaska’s fresh homemade food was not being thrown around by irresponsible delivery personnel. The whole process was seamless and so pleasant. Deborah truly cares about each one of her pup-stomers.  

“Pretty pleaseee?!”

I love the personalized service that Doggychef offers; it feels as if I have a personal chef who cooks for my dog and delivers it to my home. The price for the meals, however, is out of my league. Single meals start at $4.95 for a 6 oz bowl (delivery included) and monthly plans start at $161.50/month if you subscribe for a year for a small dog ($2.88 per meal). For a mighty 20-25 pound dog, it would cost $215/month.

Overall, I love what Doggychef has to offer the world, and I strongly believe that companies like this are steadily changing how we feed our pets. Diet after all is a means to improving the overall health of our furry family members and we owe it to them to feed them the best we can afford.

Thanks for reading, and I have an EXCLUSIVE offer I’d like to share with my readers:

Use the code ALASKA for $5 OFF any order over $25 (meals and/or treats) at


Happy munching! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Gourmet Canine Cuisine by DoggyChef

  1. I just love love love your reviews! Your enthusiasm for products you truly like makes me want to pick up the phone and call her right now. 🙂

    Also, I love how she makes it in her kitchen. And, your exclusive coupon is a wonderful touch. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Jessica! DoggyChef really is a breath of fresh air compared to commercial dog food we find on the shelves in stores. I am very passionate when it comes to pet nutrition – well, anything pet-related actually, haha! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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