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Dog IDs Embroidered Nylon Dog Harness

Alaska does not go anywhere without a trusty harness. For a small/medium dog, she is quite the puller on leash. Since she was a few months old, I have given up on attaching the leash to a collar. She pulls and pulls even if she’s choking herself; forget it if she spots a cat, bird, or squirrel. Her greatest triggers send her into a frenzy and she has gotten loose on leash on several occasions. I am always scouring the Web for quality, durable, and stylish harnesses, so I was thrilled to come across the opportunity to test out Dog IDs Embroidered Nylon Dog Harness



Dog IDs is was started in 2005 with a mission to create the highest quality dog products. The company has since expanded its product offering to personalized dog collars, unique custom dog ID tags, leashes, apparel and many other products that you and your pet will love. Because Dog IDs was founded and is operated by passionate dog lovers, you should have full faith in knowing that every single one of their products is something that they would feel comfortable with bringing into their house and sharing with their furry family members. It is this commitment to excellence that attracts both first time and seasoned dog owners to their company and personalized products.

Why a Harness?


According to Dog IDs, if you’ve never paid much attention to the dog harness, you might be missing out! In addition to looking good, a harness can help you gain more control over your dog as well as function as a great training tool. Does your dog like to jump on strangers? Are they what we like to call “a puller?” Do you live in an urban location with high traffic? These are all great reasons to invest in a harness. Lucky for you, Dog IDs has a variety of harnesses to fit the needs of any dog. From large breeds to puppies, sporty dogs to diva dogs, they have a harness you’ll love.

Our Review

The Dog IDs Embroidered Nylon Dog Harness fulfills two main desires: one is the need for a harness versus a collar, and the second is simple and clear identification without additional ID tags. Just like a human, Alaska won’t leave the house without ID. The embroidered nylon dog harness simplifies the need to switch over an ID tag from collar to harness because it features unique, embroidered personalization of your dog’s name and your contact number.

Upon shopping for the harness on, my first impression was the variety of choices from harness color to thread color. I often feel limited when products are only offered in 2-3 colors, but with over 15 colors to choose from Dog Ids is truly more than what meets the eye. I chose a harness in the color Raspberry with embroidered personalization in White thread. This color scheme not only complemented Alaska very well, but the white against a bold color ensured that her name and my number would be easily read.


Because it is made in the Dog IDs facility, the average production time is 5-7 days. Once my order was placed, it took a week until I received an email of its delivery. Then, I received it 3-4 days later. Upon first fitting it on Alaska, I realized I should have chosen a size Small rather than Medium as the harness was still loose at the tightest adjustment. And because the harness is at its tightest adjustment, the adjustment buckle now falls on Alaska’s name, which makes her name a bit unreadable. However, that is not the fault of Dog IDs, rather I failed to choose the correct size.


It has now been a few weeks that I’ve fully tested the Dog IDs Embroidered Nylon Dog Harness and used it on every outing with Alaska. On one occasion, Alaska’s leash got tangled around some bushes after she chased after a squirrel, and I pulled her towards me as guidance for her to get herself out. In the struggle, however, as I pulled one way and Alaska resisted the other way, the harness slipped over her legs and head. It may be the sizing issue, but this isn’t the first time this has happened with a step-in harness. While I admire step-in harnesses for the easiness of getting them on, I personally like vest-style dog harnesses because they have double protection against coming off: around the neck and around the chest. Vest-style harnesses are also not so strappy and allow for extra cushioning around the chest when the dog pulls. Hopefully, Dog Ids can consider adding personalized vest-style dog harnesses in the near future. However, step-in harnesses are perfect for the warmer months so that Alaska doesn’t overheat from a layer of fabric as provided by vest-style harnesses. Overall, I am highly impressed with the Dog IDs Embroidered Nylon Dog Harness. It really is super durable, the embroidery is extremely well done. The stitching is not sloppy, and each letter and number is clearly legible (even from a distance). I highly recommend it for pet owners looking for a quality harness that is not only personalized, but made in the USA with 15 exciting colors to choose from and non-corrosive stainless steel hardware.

And here are some pictures of Alaska sporting her lovely Dog IDs Embroidered Nylon Dog Harness. Enjoy! 🙂



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