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Evanger’s Nothing but Natural Beef Dog & Cat Treats

Nothing catches my eye more than a treat that is for both Alaska and Oreo. Rather than buying separate treats for each of them, I love when I can get my hands on treats they can share and both love. For March’s Chewy Influencer Program, I also had the pleasure of reviewing Evanger’s line of single-ingredient dog and cat treats, Nothing but Natural Beef Tongue.

About Evanger’s

Evanger’s Dog & Cat Food Company has been a prominent leader in the pet food industry for 75 years since 1935.  Family-owned and operated, they have a unique variety of dry and canned food and freeze-dried or jerky treats for both dogs and cats.  In 2003, Evanger’s was the first pet food company to create a food that was packed by hand instead of machine by putting whole pieces of fresh meat and vegetables into the cans. This innovative process started another new trend in pet food called, “People Food for Pets ™.”



Beef Tongue (THAT’S IT!)

Texture, Smell, & Consistency

Because these treats are single-ingredient, meaty treats that are simply dehydrated to lengthen shelf life, they have quite the smell to them. The strong smell may ward off some humans, but it is a magnet for Alaska. For me, my olfactory senses are used to encountering all kinds of unpleasant smells such as raw green tripe and spoiled raw carcasses (from Alaska’s raw diet), so these Evanger’s treats did not make me react unusually. The texture is brittle and dry, like a flat hard biscuit. The treats do not crumble, and are surprisingly not too hard to break into smaller pieces. Each treat is also quite big, working well as a crunchy chew for small/medium-sized dogs. 

Our Review


These ‘lil stinkers had Alaska drooling before I even opened the container. In her opinion the stinkier, the better. I like that these crunchy treats are big and hard enough that Alaska can crunch on. Usually, treats that she really like do not make it from mouth to stomach with enough chewing.

These Evanger’s bad boys are quite the wholesome treat. While Oreo was enticed by the aroma, he only give a quick lick before he gave up on trying to chew them. I know that a treat has peaked his interest when he spends a good 45 seconds sniffing it. Perhaps why he didn’t chow down is because the size and consistency was something he wasn’t used to and didn’t know how to tackle. I did break them into bite-sized pieces, but being that they’re freeze-dried, they firm up considerably.

Because of the unique texture, size, smell and consistency of Evanger’s Nothing but Natural Beef Tongue treats, I feel they are best fed as a high-value snack. They are quite rich in protein, so feed sparingly. Otherwise, they are the perfect treat to complement a raw diet or add benefits to any other diet.

Fetch some Evanger’s Nothing but Natural Beef Tongue dog treats here.



Thank you to for making this review possible! Chewy is my go-to site for  all of my pets’ needs. With over 400 brands, fast and free shipping on orders over $49, hassle-free returns, unbeatable prices, and excellent 24/7 customer service, Chewy delivers nothing but pet (and human!) happiness right to your door. Their services can’t be beat, and you will truly feel like a member of their family when shopping with them.


**Disclaimer:  I received this product free of charge in exchange for my honest review.  I received no other compensation and all the opinions expressed in this post are my own.



8 thoughts on “Evanger’s Nothing but Natural Beef Dog & Cat Treats

  1. Had no idea Beef Tongue was a treat. Sounds a bit unappealing for those of us humans, but I bet my dog would be drooling as well. I love your reviews because they are usually companies I haven’t heard of yet. And, I love your model! Miss Alaska is beyond adorable! 🙂

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    1. When you’re a raw feeder like me, no part of the animal is left uneaten, haha! Some dogs may not like the texture of raw beef tongue, but cooked, dehydrated, or baked makes for a very delicious treat for the 4-leggers!

      As someone who studies pet nutrition and is very particular of what I feed Alaska, the companies I work with are those that I feel 100% comfortable with and I believe are worthy of my endorsement. Thank you for reading, and I will make sure to pass on the word to Alaska! 🙂

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  2. This is really interesting! I’ll have to see what kind of new treats I can find for sweet Jordy! Maybe she’ll find something she’ll like and is super healthy for her! Dehydrated food might be a good option for her and I!

    Liked by 1 person

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