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February Pet Treater Box

I am quite excited for this product review because I’ve never formally reviewed a pet subscription box on the blog, but I’ve purchased from several different companies in the past. Pet Treater sent me February’s box for Alaska to try and needless to say, my schedule has been quite hectic these past few months so this review is a bit overdue.


What is Pet Treater?

Pet Treater is a fairly new subscription program that treats your dog every month with quality items tailored to your pup’s size. You receive a surprise box filled with yummy, fun, and innovative products that your dog may love such as treats, toys, blankets, beds, and grooming supplies. Each month’s box will vary with different items in all categories. Rest assured that all treats are made in the USA or Canada.

It’s very simple to get started. Just provide information about the pets you would like to treat, then select your plan and continue to checkout. They offer different plans and have a flexible shipping schedule.

Pet Treater plans and prices:

1-month: $24.99

3-months: $22.99

6-months: $21.99

12-months: $19.99 (best deal)


What we received in February’s box and their approximate retail value:

PetTreater pink Valentines-themed bandana: N/A


HuggleHounds blue yeti toy: $29.99


HuggleHounds Be Mine heart dog toy: $17.99


ASPCA blue fleece pet throw: $7.00


HuggleHounds Ruff-Tex dog toy: $14.95


Pur Luv Sizzlin Strips Chicken & Sweet Potato dog treats: $6.61


Nature’s Recipe Biscuits dog treats: $5.99


Life’s Little Instruction Wise Dog book: $10.68


Carolina Biscuit Company dog treats The Big Boys: $7.99

Our Review:

Upon first impression, the Pet Treater box is much bigger than most competitors’. I didn’t even have to open it to hypothesize that it was packed to the rim with goodies. The bright, fun colors of the box are very appealing compared to standard cardboard boxes that other companies offer.

Our box contained a whooping total of 9 items! That’s a lot more than what I’m used to seeing. What I love is that rather than buying these items individually at retail value (which would be quite expensive), you get them all for one low price shipped to your door.

Another differentiating factor is that each box contains an item especially for you (the human)! In February’s box, it was the Life’s Little Instruction Wise Dog book. I thought it was such a cute addition that I sat down to read the whole book with Alaska as a bed time story. 🙂

While there’s a lot to love about Pet Treater, I was disappointed in the treats that were offered. The ingredients in the bag of Pur Luv Sizzlin Strips Chicken & Sweet Potato dog treats are not ingredients I feel good about feeding to Alaska, making it a low-quality treat in my opinion. With Nature’s Recipe Biscuits dog treats and the Carolina Biscuit Company treats, I also passed on giving them to Alaska, but they are safely stashed in our monthly donation box that goes to animal shelters.

Everything else in our box Alaska and I loved, so Pet Treater is a subscription service that we definitely recommend!

I almost forgot to mention, we also received a size-appropriate dog bed included with our box! This special deal is not included in monthly boxes but for a limited time only, Pet Treater is offering a free dog bed with every new subscription. How awesome is that?


Alaska surely loved it, and I am ecstatic that now both Alaska and Oreo have a comfy bed to sleep on.


That’s not all, the nice folks at Pet Treater also sent me 2 sweet discount codes to pass on to my readers:

The code ALASKA-BED gets you a free pet bed with your first box!

The code ALASKA-5 gets you $5.00 off your first box!

Note: The coupons cannot be combined.

Disclaimer: I received a box free of charge in exchange for my honest review. The codes above are not affiliate codes and I do not receive any compensation for your purchase. 


4 thoughts on “February Pet Treater Box

  1. I agree with you about the treats that were included are not the best but the amount of toys that were included was great especially when you have terriers like mine who love to killdog toys.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Free bed you say? Hmm. May have to get a box to try it out! I think Jordy would be obsessed with all of these. I wonder if the 9 things is normal? Time for research!

    Liked by 1 person

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