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Winter Paw Protection for your Dogs

Depending on where you live, the Winter season may be brutal for humans and their four-legged companions. Here in New York just a couple of days ago, we had our first snowfall of the season. With my debilitating layers of clothing and my dog Alaska’s thin sweater on, we were ready to take on the world! Alaska was so stoked to feel crisp, soft snow beneath her feet- romping in the blanketed grass. After about 25 minutes of walking, she started hopping on 3 legs with her right hind leg tucked under her stomach. I immediately thought something was stuck to her paw, but it turned out that her paw was too cold from the snow that she needed a break off that paw.


Despite evidence that dogs’ paws have an internal heat system that allows them to stay warm without any protection, our furry companions are still susceptible to frostbite, hypothermia, and dry cracked paw pads. After all, just like us humans, when our feet get cold, tired, sore, and blistered, the discomfort is undesirable so why not invest in your pup’s comfort, happiness, and health?

Dog Bootsdog booties

Luckily, there are innovative products out there that answer all your pet needs. One way of keeping your dog’s paws protected is with dog boots. They work exactly like human shoes to keep the feet safe and warm from the elements. If your dog has never worn dog boots, get him used to the feeling of wearing them inside the house before you take him outside. Or if he absolutely despises wearing booties and refuses to be embarrassed outdoors in front of his furry friends, check out the disposable paw adhesives below!

Paw Balms

If you feel that your dog does not need boots, some protective ointment may be just the solution to dry, cracked, sore, or blistered feet. When shopping for a paw balm, look for one with all-natural ingredients and a label of “safe if consumed.” Some dogs will lick the ointment off their paws when no one is watching so make sure it is safe! Smoothing on a layer or two before
and after going outside goes a long way in keeping them comfortable and their “skin” healthy.


Check out this organic, vegan, and all-natural paw balm:


The cold weather doesn’t have to mean an end to outdoor adventures, there are a few other safety measures to ensure you and your dog safely conquer the elements. If you have a short-coated, bald, or
small dog such as Dalmatian, Chinese Crested, or Chihuahua please be sure to protect your dog’s body with a layer of clothing because they need the extra warmth. When outside, use common sense to judge how long your walks should be and make sure to avoid roads that have been heavily treated with salt and ice melt. The chemicals in the products are most likely toxic to your dog and even more so if ingested. Once you get back home, do not forget to wash off your dog’s paws with a warm, damp washcloth to wipe off any snow, ice, or debris that they may have trekked in.

Happy snow day adventures!



Dogs Have Built-In Snow Boots, Researchers Find


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